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A little crazy busy

Well I'm trying my best to catch up with editing which is a pretty manic process at the moment as we've been insanely busy. It's been great and i'm not going to lie a good distraction, it's not been the easiest of years this year!

So I thought i should share with you all what we've been up to in the photographic world, obviously we don't just do weddings - as you may have already guessed.

So I took part in photographing a wonderful event that was put together by Andrew & Charlotte Chatterton at Franklyn Financial & St James's Place. It's known as there Summer Swing Event in aid of raising money for St James's Place Charitable Foundation, supporting The Children's Adventure Farm Trust. It was their 12th year and they successfully hit their amazing target of £1 million!! A fantastic reward for all the hard work that went into the event held at The Mere Golf & Spa Resort. They had some great sponsors that were involved in the golf and the evening party - Torfx, Porsche Wilmslow, Thrive, Prism, Belvoir! Acceptcards & SAS Daniels LLP.

Well done again guys!


Also photographing an awards ceremony over at the beautiful Keele Hall for a company called In Any Event for their client Bache. Met some lovely people and always a pleasure to be photographing at Keele Hall :)


Back again at Keele Hall we had a beautiful day photographing a lovely lady Rozeni's 50th Birthday Party celebration. We captured her having a great time celebrating with her family & friends which you could tell she is greatly admired and loved.

Thank you again for having me on the day!

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