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Lucinda & Josh's Wedding Day

At the beginning of August, Lucinda & Josh returned to the site of their university years where they would tie the knot in Keele Chapel, within Keele University's campus grounds, before moving on to the delightful Keele Hall to celebrate with friends and family.

We can all agree the British Summer weather hasn't been great this year and so it was, on the 5th August, when the day began with "that fine rain that gets you wet". But that wouldn't dampen this wedding...

Josh, friends, and family gathered at the Chapel in good spirits, sporting their finest celebration attire (with umbrellas), followed by the bride who raised the anticipation with a traditionally late arrival. Josh need not worry, though, Lucinda, looking stunning, followed her emerald bridesmaids down the aisle, as the chapel choir sang, to begin the perfect ceremony.

Fortunately the rain eased and celebrations could continue with photographs outside of the Chapel and on to Keele Hall.

An intelligent and friendly couple (who are clearly meant for each other), Josh and Lucinda's attention to detail was meticulous, proven within the hall which was beautifully detailed with flowers, games and memories - not forgetting to mentioned some great artwork by Josh!

As the day moved into evening and night we spent some time capturing quiet moments around the hall and down by the lake, dodging the rain and saving the light!

Lucinda and Josh's wedding was an absolute pleasure to be part of. Meeting their family and friends, who are evidently close and full of laughter, brought us very fond memories of our own wedding at Keele Hall nearly 10 years ago!

L&J, thank you so much for inviting us! Congratulations once more, and we hope you enjoy the preview pics!

See you both soon.

Helen & Nick xx

To see the full preview collection head over to the gallery here.

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