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How are you doing?

Morning all, I've been thinking about putting a blog together these past few days and I felt like it was definitely time to have a clear up and catch up with work.

The past few weeks have been very unusual and I certainly have the feeling that it will be a few more weeks before this calms down. We've written a list of jobs that we need to complete around the house, our garden is a neverending obstacle that needs constant attention, however, we do love looking after it when we have the time..... which is certainly now!! I hope you've managed to find jobs to keep you busy, and your mind occupied?

Homeschooling has been going well. Well, it has with Eleanor... Annabella is more interested in colouring, or trying to draw on Mummy's car with stones!!! We've decided to take a break from schooling over the Easter, especially during the incredible weather of late!

It's hard to believe, this week we would have been shooting 2 weddings. We feel terrible for all those couples who have had to set things back, wedding preparation is such a lot of pressure and these unprecedented times certainly don't make it any easier. We hope everyone suffering similar circumstances are able to reschedule with minimal complications. We wish everyone the best of luck.

Before lockdown one of my closest friends asked for a family photo-shoot which I wanted to share, it's a lovely reminder that we need to keep our family photos updated as our children grow sooo fast. Here are a few snaps from the shoot...

At Christmas I purchased a lovely new macro lens for Nick, who loves getting creative with close up photography. Nick is always critical of his work, but aren't we all... Below are some recent examples of Nick's springtime nature photography, we're always trying to push ourselves, learn more, and keep the creative outlet flowing...

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