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Commercial Photography

It's the unsung hero of marketing - Corporate photography. Authentic images build trust and interest prospective clients far more than blatant stock photos ever will. Be proud of who you are and the people who make your business!

From the photographer’s perspective, behind the lens, we are challenged to capture a business’s identity, culture and passion through their team, professional activity and company assets. Corporate photography is an essential ingredient of the brand message, inspiring your audience to believe in your brand values, instill trust and integrity. Because every business is unique, with an individual voice. This is what builds brands, and this is why we love building our relationships with clients, to contribute to the success of their business through the medium of our expertise: Photography. After all, a picture says a thousand words!

By its nature, corporate photography is broad in scope and can refer to many opportunities, including:

  • Conferences, Exhibitions and Events

Recording physical exhibition environments as empirical evidence of capability are important to a stand contractor’s portfolio. Whilst their clients value the opportunity to photograph commerce in practice, products, and increase awareness of their event attendance with images for their social media channels and archiving for future internal reference.

In the current climate, public events are sadly few and far between, but fingers crossed they will be back up in running from October!

  • E-learning and training

Company training manuals form part of a company’s internal marketing and should, therefore, be supported with brand compliant imagery that conveys a business appropriately. This could include H&S documentation, policy & procedure manuals, online training program, etc.

  • Marketing Collateral.

Distinguish yourself from competitors and build trust with your clients. Only bespoke images, commissioned to a brief, can effectively support brand guidelines. Your team, your office, your message!

  • Award ceremonies

Award ceremonies are celebrations of success, bringing staff and peers together to reflect on their contribution to a business or organisation. We have photographed many corporate events across the country and they’re certainly evenings to look back on and bring for all concerned!

  • Meet the Team.

Staff portraits are standard internet practise on websites, social media and corporate marketing materials. It’s so important to capture the correct mood and tone a business conveys through their brand guidelines.

Portraits should be fun and bring out personal character to provide authenticity, and ultimately convey the trust your clients are looking for from your business.

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