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Tatton Park Walk with Kate, Dan & Beatrice

A few weeks ago, on a beautiful (but rather chilly) day, we had a lovely walk along the other side of the lake, near Tatton Park, with Kate & Dan, whose wedding we have the pleasure of photographing in August.

When we initially proposed an engagement photoshoot they didn't seem too enthusiastic... So we suggested a walk with Beatrice (their adorable dog), and some photographs along the way! That's exactly what we did, and look how wonderful they turned out!! :-)

We meet lots of couples who are not too confident in front of the camera, understandably so, it's an unusual experience for many. That's when we encourage some fun pre-wedding practice...

An engagement photoshoot is a great way of getting to know us, and us getting to know you! We all learn about each other, how you interact as a couple, and what you can expect from us on the big day, not to mention driving us green with envy when you tell us about the honeymoon plans!

It's a reassurance - an opportunity to build your confidence in front of the lens, and you'll know how fun it'll be on the day as we capture confident, creative shots of you both! Awesome!

Thanks to Kate, Danny & Beatrice, we hope you like the photos & enjoyed the day.

Speak to you soon,

Helen & Nick xx


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