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Meet the beautiful Perla!

So away from the wedding photography we had the pleasure of photographing Perla! What a stunning horse she is! Speaking to Katy & Alex to arrange the photoshoot to take place over at Crewe Green Sunflowers a few weeks ago now, as sadly all the Sunflowers have gone over, but the open space was great for Perla. As you can see it was the perfect time of year for Perla as her coat looked fantastic. We've been talking to Katy for a few years to try and arrange a photoshoot for Perla, she was very happy to have family photographs too. We've wanted to get up close and photograph horses for sometime now, Helen used to ride a lot when she was younger so find horses fascinating and getting to photograph Perla was a dream! Thanks again Katy, Steve & family for bringing Perla along and thank you Alex, Simon & family for letting us use the field. Enjoy the gallery x

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