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Haslington Hall Fire!

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Oddly enough I decided to drive past Haslington Hall last night on the way home, I was thinking about the many fantastic weddings that we'd been involved in at the Hall. Then we woke up to hear the fire engines earlier today and found out that Haslington Hall was on fire!

There has been a few photos and videos posted on Facebook by passers by so we're not fully sure on how much damage has been caused, but the general consensus is that it's pretty bad.

It seems such a shame when it's brought so many happy memories to those who got married there and began their new married lives together. We had a wonderful relationship with the ladies that helped organised the weddings - Sian & Sharyn - many years ago now. It's just a shame that no one came in to take over running the venue with much success.

So here's to the beautiful Haslington Hall,  that one day might get rescued and restored to a thriving wedding venue!

To read further details of the fire

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