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Wedding Photography through the Seasons

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I love Autumn time for photographs, the light is perfect and the leaves look amazing! 
Despite my love for this time of year we decided to get married in April, to be precise 04/04/2014 - easy to remember for him! Nick loves spring time, longer days and evenings and we wanted to make the most out of the daylight with having lots of photographs :)
So what time of year did you get married at? Was it because the date was significant to you? Or did the time of year matter to you?
It's one of the first things you think about when you start planning the big day. Sometimes you have to think about work and booking it on a day that works around work. However a lot of the time when we speak to our clients they pick it because of the time of year, despite the fact that we live in the UK and the weather is so unpredictable :) After seeing the weather around the world the past few weeks we are feeling very lucky to have our good old British weather to be honest.
We decided to put together a few notes, and of course photographs, of our 4 Great British Seasons in wedding photography.


It's a lovely time of year when the light comes in and everything is starting to grow and bloom! You're more likely to be one of the first weddings of the year so everyone is going to be excited.


Bright sunlight shining down on everyone for a full day and long evenings. Garden parties, marquee & tipi weddings are perfect for this season.
Sometimes the light can be quite bright and as photographers we need to work around making sure the bridal party aren't put in locations that can create an uncomfortable light. We can work around this though and have some fun with shadows!


Crisp leaves underfoot, some trees are bare but others flurish with rustic foliage. The llight is different and not too harsh so you get amazing shadows that can create some unusual imagery. Sometimes muted in colours at this time of year can be a great influence on your own colour schemes for the big day.



Cosy inside weddings, lots of mulled wine is surely a must! It's a great time to get in to the festive spirit by having a wedding beforehand. When it comes to winter it's not rain you need to consider so much but just being pretty chilly, which most of the weddings we've photographed at they've considered this and the venue usually has great locations inside to take photographs. The light is much shorter in winter so you have to think about the time of day you'll be getting married at and making sure you do get enough light to get a few shots outside. Some great night shots with lights are always fun though!

If you have any further questions about wedding photography then we'd love to help, we hope you've enjoyed the write up and look forward to hearing your wedding plans soon :)
Much love
Helen & Nick