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Why Engagement Photoshoots Are Important?

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As photographers when we got married in 2014 we felt it was a MUST to have an engagement photoshoot. We know how to work behind the camera but we were not sure how we'd look together in front of the camera :)

We meet a lot of couples who also say they don't feel confident in front of the camera, which is natural and to be expected. An engagement shoot is an opportunity to help you & your partner feel assured that your photographs will look fantastic on your wedding day. It's a great way to get to know your photographers better and take away your photograph stage fright! When we're done you've got another set of pics to remind yourselves of the excitement of your wedding preparations!

Here are 6 good reasons why an engagement will enhance your wedding experience:

1 - FUN
Have fun, it's a great opportunity to relax and enjoy yourself! It's a few hours with just you and your partner to have giggles and spend time alone together.

2 - Get to know your Photographer(s)
It's a great way to get to know us and for us to get to know you. You'll be spending a lot of time with us on your wedding day and we'll be there for you whenever you need us. We can discover which poses you feel comfortable with or that you've seen and would like to try.


3 - De-stress
Planning a wedding can be pretty stressful - we know, we've been there - an engagement shoot helps you to feel confident about the photographs on the day, giving you that extra trust in your photographers. It's also a great reminder of the planning and lead up to the big day, these images will give you chance to look back and reflect on the happy times you had leading up to the big day. 

4 - Special Place
Your wedding day goes by soooo fast, people will tell you this all the time and I'm afraid it's so very true.  Why not chose somewhere special to you both to have the engagement photographs taken at? Where you perhaps got engaged? Where you met? Or even at the wedding venue but in a different season, so you will know where you like the photographs in preparation for the day too. These are relaxed and casual style images, which can be shown by what you wear on the day or perhaps take with you props that mean something to wedding day. It's part of a chapter to the preparation of the big day!

5 - Guest Book
We turned our photographs from the engagement shoot into a little book which people could then sign on the wedding day, a guest book. You may get some fun comments and lovely heartfelt words from your family and friends.


6 - Reflect
You spend most of your wedding day with your photographers, we help you with lasting memories of that special day. Our style is very relaxed so we do take you off to be alone to reflect on the day and have time for each other. The engagement photographs would be done in a similar style so it's time for you to have fun and be together and show you how great you both look!!

So with every wedding booked in 2017 we will be giving away a free engagement photoshoot! But get in touch soon as there isn't much time left of this year :)

Helen & Nick